Waleed Ashraf Raja

    Waleed is a LUMS graduate of 2014 with 5 years teaching experience of three different educational systems: International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge GCSE, and Common Core State Standards for American High School Diploma. He has taught at schools like Beaconhouse TNS and Lahore American School (LAS). He has had the opportunity of studying four different mathematics curricula including the three mentioned above with Pakistan’s National Matriculation system. Waleed is also a published writer with his mathematics curriculum books for grade 4 and 5 published in January 2017. He also works with a low-cost private school as a consultant and trainer. He is a member of Cambridge Panel of Mathematics – a panel of mathematics educators by Cambridge University Press. Waleed is currently pursuing MS in Teaching and Curriculum with emphasis on mathematics education from Syracuse University, NY. He also teaches undergraduate freshmen level mathematics courses at Syracuse University. He will be starting his PhD in Mathematics Education in January 2021 at Syracuse University, NY. His research revolves around instruction methodology and student learning.

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