Usman Arshad

    Usman Arshad, currently working as a Research Associate with “Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL)” and Honorary Research Assistant with “University of Manchester, England”.
    He completed his MPhil Psychology from Government College University, Lahore.  He worked as a visiting faculty member at the University of Lahore. He has also worked with the University of Manchester as an honorary research assistant. His research work is primarily focused on  Parenting Styles, Self-identity, self-harm, and suicide prevention. He has four years experience of working with the United Kingdom (UK) and Pakistan health system in suicide prevention. He has published a systematic review titled “A systematic review of the evidence supporting mobile and internet-based psychological interventions for self-harm” (published in 2019, The Journal of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior) which was awarded as the highest downloaded and studied paper in 2019.
    He has a keen interest in  Randomized controlled designs, literature search, systematic reviews, critical reviews, and data analysis. He has conducted many academic trainings and workshops on systematic reviews and how to write a research paper; in many academic institutions. Currently, he is involved in many international projects related to mental health and also leading many systematic reviews.
    Other than research he also led impact teams, where he was trained by UK mental health professionals to enhance skills and knowledge on service development training and research capacity building in mental health. Along with research and dissemination skills, he has been leading media, and social media teams, newsletter team as the communication coordinator for Pakistan, and published number of newsletters in multi-languages including English along with indigenous languages those are: Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Pashto.
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