Hadi Ashraf Raja

    Hadi Ashraf Raja completed his MS in Information & Communication Engineering from Myongji University, South Korea. He has also worked as a visiting faculty at Virtual University and have given lecturers at Myongji University related to Information Technology. His research work is primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is also working as the acting CTO for multiple International Software companies.

    Currently, he is working as a Researcher at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia in the field of Internet of Things and is also enrolled in their PhD Program. He has supervised multiple bachelors and masters thesis and has published multiple papers in International Journals and Conferences.

    He has been in the field of Information Technology for since 2010 and have hands on experience with multiple languages and frameworks even including CUDA, C++, Objective C, Java, PHP, Javascript and multiple others. His research focus has been Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, Neural Networks, Predictive Analysis and Internet of Things making him well versed in today’s technological era. He has worked at different International Organizations over the time including Nain Informations, South Korea & Boxplay Inc. He is also considered as the best for debugging and fixing faults in the program and is well know among his peers for this quality.

    Publications: 8 Journal Papers & 5 Conference Papers

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