Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment

    About the Workshop

    The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

    – Why wastewater treatment?
    – Conventional wastewater treatment
    – Wastewater treatment parameters
    – Wastewater biochemistry
    – Operating parameters
    – Nutrients in wastewater
    – Eutrophication
    – Nitrogen Removal
    – Phosphorus Removal
    – Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR)
    – Microalgae
    – Requirements of microalgae
    – Why microalgae?
    – Chlorella vulgaris?
    – Characteristics of microalgae species used in wastewater treatment
    – Microalgae species used in various wastewater treatment
    – Composition of wastewaters used for microalgal growth
    – Concept of Symbiosis
    – Mixed Culture System
    – Potential Uses of Biomass
    – Different Mixed Culture Systems
    – Mixed culture of C. vulgaris and P. putida
    – Cultivation of Microalgae
    – Harvesting of Microalgae
    – Biodiesel by Microalgae: A Process

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